New system for telehealth


Please call the clinic at (604) 983-0054 to book a time for me to call you. With this new system, you do not need to use the old Doxy platform as I am mostly utilizing simple telephone calls during the pandemic. We can always try to find ways of augmenting this with video or imagery as needed (e.g., for a rash). Please note that the telephone appointment time is only a very rough approximation of when to expect my call.  

As the COVID-19 pandemic increasingly overwhelms our local health care system,

we will need to further triage scarce physician time accordingly.

As such, telehealth appointments will be considerably shorter than usual.
With this in mind, please don't be offended if I need to be somewhat direct and abrupt in communicating these limitations as I often have 15 to 20 patients waiting in queue for assistance. 

For further resources pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic, please click the button below to access the new COVID-19 section of the website:

Tel: (604) 983-0054, Fax: (604) 983-8123

*Patients, please do not email me with medical concerns or questions.

I am unable open your email due to overwhelming paperwork and other similar demands. Moreover, even if I do eventually open your email, there would likely be a significant delay in seeing and/or responding to your email. For all of these reasons and more, email is an inappropriate medium to contact me about your health. Instead, please use the contact information provided above.