Update (Feb. 22nd, 2021):

Acute changes in family health issues and the resultant personal responsibilities have compounded chronic constraints consequent to the overwhelming and rapidly increasing demand for my services in complex care and addiction medicine as the pandemic and related opioid crisis evolved.


Despite the acute nature of these initial changes, it is now nevertheless clear that the resultant limitation of my availability should be effectively deemed indefinite considering the persistent uncertainty around the projected timeline trajectory.

As such, if you find a compatible family doctor elsewhere with better availability, please do not hesitate to pursue such opportunities.

If you are looking for additional resources for alternative avenues for assistance, you may find utility in the following document I created for guiding patients in this domain: “If I'm unavailable… (Click for PDF)” linked below and elsewhere on my website.

In any case, I will continue my tireless efforts in assisting you (both directly and indirectly via collaboration with colleagues) to the best of my ability with the caveats necessitated by the limitations referenced above.

-Dr. Sigmund