**Mar. 31st: due to illness, I am unavailable for telehealth today.

Telehealth appointments may be booked during the following times each week until advised otherwise: 
  (1)  Monday: 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM 
  (2)  Tuesday: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  (3)  Wednesday:  12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  (4) Friday:  11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  (5) Sunday:  5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

As the COVID-19 pandemic increasingly overwhelms our local health care system,

we will need to further triage scarce physician time accordingly. As such, telehealth

appointments will be considerably shorter than usual. With this in mind, please don't be offended if I need to be somewhat direct and abrupt in communicating these limitations as I often have 15 to 20 patients waiting in queue for assistance. 

Telehealth appointments are made in the same way as when you booked in-person appointments in the past. I plan to improve the convenience and efficiency of this process in the near future by adding the additional option of using a specific online system to book telehealth appointments. 

If you do not have an appointment, you may still try connecting with me during the above times by simply 
clicking the usual button to enter the "virtual waiting room" where I can see you waiting for me. If you keep your computer/phone nearby, I will then connect with you when I reach your name in the virtual waiting room (if possible). Of course, scheduled patients will have priority, but I will nevertheless strive to connect with any patient still in the queue (I have yet to turn anyone away). 

As explained elsewhere, these changes are in response to the coronavirus pandemic; for further details, please click the button below to access the new COVID-19 section of the website. 

How To Telehealth: 

  • Concise Version:

scheduled appointments

STEP 1:  

To make a telehealth appointment,

call the clinic or otherwise book the appointment

in the same way as you did for past in-person appointments.

Click the button below

at your scheduled telehealth appointment time.

**Mar. 31st: due to illness, I am unavailable for telehealth today.



Keep your computer/phone nearby
until I connect with you.

Unscheduled AKA "Drop-In" / "Walk-In"  

Click the button below
during any of the times listed above.

**Mar. 31st: due to illness, I am unavailable for telehealth today.


Keep your computer/phone nearby
until I connect with you

  • More Detailed Version:

Clicking the above button places you in the "virtual waiting room" where I can see you waiting for me. I will then connect with you as soon as I can (either for a scheduled appointment or a "walk-in" whenever possible). 

Please enter your full name (as it appears in your medical record) when you enter the virtual waiting room.  The system prevents other patients from viewing any of this information, so I am the only one seeing your name.  


If you entered the "virtual waiting room" (by clicking the button) before the end of one of my telehealth shifts (as listed above), then I will do my best to eventually connect with you even if it ends up being some time after the scheduled end time for that shift as long as your name remains visible in the virtual waiting room (so please don't close that application). For example, if you want to see me as a "drop-in/walk-in" on a Sunday, and click the button at 6:55 PM, then I will do my best to connect with you even if it is past 7:00 PM when I finally get to you. 


Please feel free to leave your computer to carry on with your home activities while waiting; that said, please keep your phone nearby so that I can call you If you are away from your computer or if there is a connection difficulty upon getting to you in the queue. sdsds

  • "Cool" Version:

My Telehealth "Command Centre"
I assembled this integrated setup (using mostly used/recycled components) for telehealth; paperwork countermeasures; and to increase the effective bandwidth between a care plan and the current medical literature.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to play any video games.

  • Boring Version:

The "fine print":

Please do not send messages asking clinical questions or sharing medical information; I am unable to read or respond to this information. Rather, I can only respond to questions or concerns via in-person conventional clinic appointments or telehealth video call appointments (as per what the College allows). 

Of course, telehealth is only appropriate in certain situations. If you are unsure, I am more than happy to provide guidance.

MSP allows only one visit to a family doctor/GP per day (in-person or via telehealth), so please don't book a telehealth appointment on the same day as an appointment with a different family doctor/GP.

Telehealth is not a "virtual walk-in" service. Rather, it complements in-person appointments as part of the comprehensive and continuous care for registered clinic patients. 


This service is mostly intended to expand the accessibility of full-scope health care for the patients of my own practice. 

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