Re: current availability

(recent changes)

Note from Dr. Sigmund (last updated 04 Jul 2022):

I recently required surgery for a medical condition such that my fluctuating capacity is limiting my availability in ways that are dynamic (as a function of my medical condition/recovery) and that include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

- increased cancelling/rescheduling of existing appointments with short notice;

-  reduced hours;

-  increased variability of hours;

-  reduced duration and scope of appointments;

-  increased prioritization of medical issues according to patient needs in relation to my capacity to contribute (e.g., paperwork is mostly on-hold due to my inability to sit upright at a computer for extended periods);

-  increased delays in reviewing voicemail and other communication from patients and colleagues;


-  other delays/limitations that similarly limit overall capacity to be of assistance. 

Accordingly, patients are advised to make note of the above limitations and to seek alternative options elsewhere as needed.

This status will be revised as soon as possible (no specific dates can be provided at this time).

Please note that the above changes are in addition to the more long-term practice status detailed on the home page of and elsewhere.

Thank you for your understanding.

-Dr. Sigmund