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If you are looking for a new GP, the following doctor may still be accepting new patients: 

     Dr.Aaron Goldstein
     Address: 101-135 East 15th St, North Vancouver, BC, V7L 2P7
     Phone: (604) 973-1511   Fax: (604) 973-1512


*** Due to the limitations referenced above, phone messages will not be reliably reviewed in a timely way. For any issues, please do not wait for the review of phone messages. Instead, please see the "If I'm unavailable" document linked above.

Online attacks:

Alexa and I are grateful for the overwhelming gestures of support from so many of you during the past several months. The criminal harassment and other attacks against my partner, Alexa, had been escalating since September 2018 and subsequently evolved to further encompass Alexa's loved ones; as such, the perpetrator increasingly targeted me with ongoing threats and anonymous online defamatory attacks (including falsified accusations and libelous comments). 

There are two purposes of this post:

  1. To let my patients know that I am already aware of these online defamatory attacks. 

  2. To notify reporters or other members of the press that they should directly contact the Media Relations Department of the Vancouver Police Department rather than contacting any of my clinics. 


Thanks again for your caring words and general kindness.

With sincere and heartfelt gratitude,
-Eric and Alexa



                          General approach in primary care:

I consistently strive to apply the most up-to-date, evidence-based medicine in order to provide the best possible personalized, patient-centered care.


My unique math and physics background cultivated a rigorous yet flexible thinking style which I use to guard against complacency, cognitive biases, and related heuristics often potentiated by the brief and routine appointments in family medicine.

Family practice is particularly fulfilling for me as I greatly appreciate the opportunities to establish long-term therapeutic relationships that allow for the effective development of rapport; prevention of disease; and provision of continuous, comprehensive, and personalized care.